Digital Media | Featured Programs

Put your creativity to work with a career in Digital Media. If you’re an artist and creator at heart, there are several options for you to begin a fun and rewarding career in this in-demand industry. Whether you want to learn the ins and outs of video production, game design or polish your graphic and web design skills, there’s a program for you at TCC.

  • Digital Media, A.S.

    The Digital Media Production A.S. degree prepares students for the creative and competitive field of digital media production. This includes a broad range from graphic design to video and sound production. Students will be empowered with a diverse digital skill set in high demand across multiple industries. These opportunities include digital media/multimedia programmer, digital media/multimedia project manager, web designer/web production artist, audio visual technician/audio technician, lighting technician, graphic animator, videographer/editor, video engineer, digital media/multimedia producer, technical director, instructional designer or interface designer.

  • Digital Media/ Multimedia Presentation Certificate

    Learn how to record your music in a professional studio setting, plan and record professional quality video, edit and create professional quality digital images, and deliver fully developed multimedia projects. This program will use the latest software applications in the field and help you develop fundamental skills that prepare you for the emerging digital economy.

  • Graphic and Web Design Technology, A.S.

    The Graphic and Web Design Technology, A.S. degree prepares students who seek careers as graphic design assistants. It can also be used as supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in this occupation.

  • Graphic Design Support Certificate

    The Graphic Design Support Certificate program diversifies students technical skills and creative artistry to make them better equipped for employment as graphic design assistants or supplement training for persons previously or currently employed in this occupation.